Established in 2009, Tirso Lighting is a new and innovative Lighting Design firm that prides itself on creating fresh and appealing designs. Our Lighting Solutions allow any venue, no matter how big or small, to expand its range of ambience, mood and style. Our objective is more than the average application of lights. We intend to transcend the conventional lighting experience with attention to a unique combination of Design, Project Management and Programming. We at Tirso Lighting know the importance of creating a Lighting Solution that best fits the client’s needs. Our team takes business type, location and project budget into account when designing each client’s Lighting Solution. For every project, Tirso Lighting works diligently to bring its clients the best possible collaboration of design, construction, décor and environment. Our method of evaluating and designing Lighting Solutions for each individual client, allows all of our Clients to stand out in the market they are in. Straight forward and to the point, we make the best possible solution within each client’s parameters, resulting in lighting that exceeds expectations. Give us the opportunity to make your custom lighting vision a reality. 1.888.61.TIRSO




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