When it comes to lighting and providing the right level of ambiance and excitement, the only solutions are to find people who know how to take a space and turn it into a theater of dreams, and with Tirso Lighting, our track record of creating exceptional experiences in the hospitality industry means that you are in good hands – your patrons will remain engaged in the atmosphere and having fun while the musicians have the lighting accompanying their amazing performances.

A great example of this is the new Arka Room. This place has become a New York institution for entertainment over the last 16 years and last year underwent a major renovation.

This was achieved through creative lighting but also we used black reflective surfaces because this amplifies the optical illusion of greater space. The space that remained as a night club needed to have the right lighting to create an atmosphere making it appear like the club had more space than it really did.

When you take a look at the photos that we have included in this email, what you will notice is that we are using a combination of simplistic black reflective panels and high-tech lighting, combined with state of the art software to deliver an unmatched experience for  Arka Room’s patrons.

Check out more of Tirso Lighting’s projects by visiting our website www.tirsolighting.com and learn how you can have a state of the art lighting system by simply replying to this e-mail.

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